At Tarka, we are committed to running a sustainable restaurant and reducing our carbon footprint.

We recycle our used cooking oil, glass, aluminum, plastic, paper & cardboard, and compost our food waste. Our take-out packaging is eco-friendly, most of made from either recycled paper or made from corn that is grown in the United States. Our guests also have the option of purchasing re-usable take-out bags from us, reducing the amount of paper or plastic used when getting food from us to go. There are also small ways we can make a difference such as using energy-efficient lighting and making sure our employees bring in their own re-usable containers when taking food home from the restaurant.

In an effort to spread the word about the many ways restaurants can operate in a more environmentally friendly way, we are providing a list of our green partners. Ask your favorite establishments to use green products and let them know where they can go to get them!

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Our Eco-Friendly Partnerships

To-Go Boxes for Appetizers, Salads, Kabobs, Biryanis & Rice

Recycling of Spent Cooking Oil

To-Go Beverage Cups, Lids & Straws, Soup Cups & Lids, & Cutlery Sets

Re-Usable Shopper Bags

Recycling of Glass, Aluminum, Plastic, Paper & Cardboard, & Food Composting